Manger Audio - Loudspeaker for musiclovers and audiophiles. Handmade in Germany

Our new Manger Audio brand video gives you insights of our unique bending wave loudspeaker technology, the manufacturing process and an overview of our speaker line.

The Manger success story begins around 50 years ago in a small town in Bavaria, Germany where Josef W. Manger ran the local, family owned radio and TV shop. That's when he noticed that audio reproduction through loudspeakers was never as exciting as hearing a live concert. He began his meticulous research by studying traditional systems and he was able to quickly identify the main problem in traditional audio reproduction. His first ideas and solutions were granted numerous international patents that eventually led to the invention of the inimitable Manger Sound Transducer. A technical feature that has also earned him the Diesel Medal for outstanding engineering achievements and technical innovations.

For many years, Manger Audio has been on the forefront of collecting awards and five star reviews. Manger Audio is building the individual High-End systems 100% in Germany while simultaneously expanding the appreciation for Manger worldwide.

Manger systems are loved for their highly natural audio reproduction, the ability to surface existing details in sound that many other systems fail to match due to their construction and design. We've heard numerous times that a Manger system is typically the last audio system that you will buy.

(Thanks for Julian Mack and Felix Mack of Nightjar, LLC for creating this amazing video for us.)
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