Marantz SM-80 Power Amplifier Repair and Restoration

Here's a quick video outlining the repair and restoration I finished on a sweet Marantz SM-80 power amplifier. It required a lot of troubleshooting and repair steps in order to come out of protection and remain stable under different temperature conditions. This is another great power amplifier that can be had regularly for under $300, granted they will possibly need quite a bit of work to get in stable condition. I went into this amplifier thinking it would be a walk in the park to get working, but it took a few hours to finally solve the (many) issues it had.

I have a few other amplifiers with me for restoration and repair that I will be creating videos for, so stay tuned!

Here is a great article outlining repair and restoration of another Marantz SM-80 by the venerable @Liquid Audio:

Marantz SM-80 specifications and manuals:

Some inside shots from another site:
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