Marshall Amps Factory Tour! - See These Legendary Amplifiers Go From Circuit Board To Stage!

Dagan goes behind the scenes at Marshall Amplification and takes you on a cheeky little tour of the factory! If your Marshall Amp says 'Made In The UK' on the back, then it came out of this factory here in Milton Keynes, UK!

It's one of the most incredible places to visit as a guitar player, you can feel the electricity in the air! From hardwired Bluesbreakers & Plexis, JCM800's, the stunning new Studio Vintage & Classic Range, Silver Jubilees, all the cabinets and SO MUCH MORE!

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0:00 Intro
0:30 Where Your Amp Starts Life!
1:40 Where They Hand Place The Components Prior To Soldering
2:16 The Hand Wired Point To Point Area! - Just Like Jim Used To Do!
2:48 Just How Long Have Marshall Been In This Factory???
3:42 The Marshall Finishing Department - Going Into The Chassis Then The Iconic Marshall Boxes!
5:12 Marshalls Testing Department - It's Smaller Than You Think For The Worlds BIGGEST Amp Brand!
6:33 Boxing Up Your Brand New Marshall Amp

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