Marshall DSL1CR Review - 1 Watt Of Iconic Marshall Tone With Added Reverb!

Dagan takes the small, but very powerful Marshall DSL1CR 1W All Valve Combo Amp with Reverb for a spin!

The Marshall DSL1CR, "Dual Super Lead" All-Valve 1-Watt Combo Amplifier for Guitar, with Built-in Reverb is a monster of an amplifier designed for those in need of a portable, high powered valve amp that they can use around the home. The smaller construction and 5 watt all valve design ensures you can enjoy the lush tube saturation sounds at lower volumes to avoid noise complaints and being evicted for jamming out! Great! Although we’d advise trying to annoy your neighbours!

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0:00 Intro
0:53 What Is The Marshall DSL1 CR & Why Is It So Awesome!
2:05 Specs & Front/Back Panel
2:44 Clean 'Classic Gain' Channel Tones
4:11 Distorted 'Ultra Gain' Channel Tones
4:57 The 'Tone Shift' Button & More Tones
7:55 Final Thoughts & Outro

You have two distinct channels - Classic and Ultra Gain providing everything you need from classic Marshall clean tones to the high gain distorted sounds that put Marshall on the map!

It’s also a great mini amp for practicing at home too, thanks to the Emulated Cabinet Output which engages when you plug into the Headphone Socket. This means you can take a direct line out to a DAW and rehearse at home with headphones on whilst you enjoy the sound of an emulated Marshall stack!

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