Marshall Reissue Amps - 'Zero Loss' FX Loop Upgrade!!

Video install guide and head to head tone test of our drop-in upgrade 'Zero-Loss' FX Loop to replace your tone-sucking stock Marshall loop. This is the same killer high voltage loop circuit widely used by boutique and high end amp manufactures, which has been custom made with a new PCB so you can easily upgrade your Marshall reissue amp. No drilling required!!

0:00 Intro
0:37 The upgrade loop
1:41 Monomyth collab
2:08 Ordering info
2:27 Tone test - Stock Marshall Loop
3:08 Tone test - Headfirst Loop
3:47 Basic schematic for loop install
6:41 Install guide - reuse Marshall wiring
13:52 Install guide - using shielded coax
22:20 Outro
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