MAS Distro: Electronic Audio Experiments - Dude Incredible V2

The Electronic Audio Experiments Dude Incredible V2 brings together two iconic cult circuits in one pedal - the IVP Preamp and the Harmonic Percolator fuzz. This pair, long employed by guitarist Steve Albini of Big Black and Shellac fame, has become synonymous with the noise rock genre and Albini’s ultra-cutting Travis Bean tones. The IVP side of the Dude Incredible is a superb all-around preamp, tone shaper, or foundation overdrive for any instrument, with a gain range that goes from clean and vividly clear, to full-on sludge, while the Percolator side is uniquely compressed and punishing, with an instantly recognizable fuzz assault. Used together or independently, they make the Dude Incredible a wildly versatile and unique sonic tool. The V2 updates the formula with a fresh mechanical form factor, soft-touch relay bypass, a diode switch on the Percolator side for switching between classic and modern variants, a Hi/Lo gain toggle on the IVP side, and enhanced power protection circuitry. In this demo, we take the Dude Incredible on a Shellac-inspired noise rock jaunt, using it with both guitar and bass, then we dig deep into the control set, turning all the knobs and switching all the switches to show you what’s it's capable of.

Gear Used:
EAE Dude Incredible V2
Kramer 350G
Ibanez RB650 bass
Traynor YBA-1 head
Traynor TS50B bass amp
4x12 cabinet w/ Celestion G12H speakers

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