MayFly Audio Sketchy Zebra Pedal Demo | THE GREAT CANADIAN PEDALBOARD

I'm excited to launch my new video demo series, The Great Canadian Pedalboard!

From now until the end of June, I'll be featuring boutique pedals, handmade by amazing tone wizards from across Canada, culminating in a gigantic pedalboard build and giveaway on Canada Day 2023!!

To start us off, it's my honour to present to you the MayFly Audio Systems Sketchy Zebra vibrato and phase shifter! This outstanding 2-in-1 modulation box includes a beautiful phaser sweep, a really funky vibrato effect, and a manual switch that allows you to treat it like a mod filter as well. Truly remarkable development, especially for builder who's only been at it since 2019!!

Be sure to check it out on their website at https://www.mayflyaudio.com/SketchyZebra/

Subscribe to MayFly Audio's YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/mayflyamp

Special thanks to our series sponsors, Next Gen Musical, Ltd. for providing shipping to our winner, and for all of the parts and components going into the full pedalboard.

Please follow all of our participating builders and prize sponsors, and keep an eye out for the start of entries on May 1st!

Amps & Ehfects: https://instagram.com/ehfects
Pegcity Pickups: https://instagram.com/pegcitypickups
Nebula Guitar Straps: https://instagram.com/nebula_straps
Next Gen Musical: https://instagram.com/nextgenguitars

Ellman Tone: https://instagram.com/geoffellmantone
True North Pedals: https://instagram.com/true_north_pedals
MayFly Audio Systems: https://www.mayflyaudio.com/
Master Effects: https://instagram.com/mastereffectspedals
Airis Effects: https://instagram.com/airis_effects
Shoneswood: https://instagram.com/shoneswood
GUP Tech: https://instagram.com/guptech
Wounded Paw Audio: https://instagram.com/woundedpaw
Empress Effects: https://instagram.com/empress_effects
TAL Audio: https://instagram.com/talaudioeffects
Fairfield Circuitry: https://instagram.com/fairfieldcircuitry
Dr. Scientist: https://instagram.com/drscientistsounds
Roy Electronics: https://instagram.com/electronicsroy
Broughton Audio: https://instagram.com/broughton_audio

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0:00 Intro
0:12 Project Intro
0:49 MayFly Intro
1:21 Pedal Intro
2:25 Demo Setup
5:16 Vibrato Function
7:20 Phaser Function
10:30 Manual Function
12:01 Back to Vibrato
12:48 Pedal Placement
13:53 Into a Distorted Amp
16:15 Wrap Up
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