Mazda x Bose sound systems | Brothers in Mind – 30 years of co-creation

From the very beginning, the collaboration with Bose has been characterised not only by engineering ingenuity but by a kind of kindred spirit between the two companies: A shared belief that premium products require new and unconventional solutions – and that the result is worth the risk.

“There has been a great natural chemistry between the Mazda team members and the Bose team members from the very first meeting right up to the present day,” says Mike Rosen, the Bose Chief Engineer working on the first joint project, the Mazda RX-7.

For while each company naturally has their own area of expertise, there is also something important that all team members share. Frederic Hartnick, Manager Vehicle and Advanced Electronic Development at Mazda Research Europe, believes that, “Everyone who’s working for Mazda and for Bose can be described as people with passion.” A passion for the joy of driving a smooth and responsive car while listening to the music you love – whatever model or genre that might be.

It is that passion for excellence that has been driving the collaboration between Mazda and Bose for the past three decades – and it will continue to do so in the years to come.

Song: Across the delta
Album: Giants Were Here

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