McIntosh MA9500 2-Channel Integrated Amplifier Price $21,000+

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McIntosh has pulled back the curtains on two new high-end integrated amplifiers. The MA8950 and MA9500 are direct replacements for the award-winning MA8900 and five-star MA9000, so they've huge, clown-sized shoes to fill.

The good news is that the class of 2022 offer lots of improvements over their last-gen sibling models, including a "50 per cent increase in dynamic headroom" that's tipped to further reduce distortion and bring greater bass performance.

Buyers of the new models will also be treated to an upgraded power supply, plus the illustrious New York hi-fi brand's newest McIntosh DA2 Digital Audio Module, which is 'Roon Tested' and designed to beef up dynamic range.
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