Melodic 39 Inch Electric Guitar with Bonus Amplifier Beginner Full Size Black and Green

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Melodic is dedicated to bringing you the perfect electric guitar. Are you looking to equip yourself with an admirable skill? Or have been long dreaming of becoming an ear-catching music player on the school stage? Or just want to dig deeper for the love of music? This Black and Green Full-Size 39" Electric Guitar will come to you with all that you need. The electric guitar has beautiful and precise tunes, benefit from the premium materials that comprise the whole guitar, the high-quality polar for the body, the Canadian maple of neck, the durable steel used on the strings, and so on. Remarkably, the guitar comes with a bonus 15W amplifier, as well as all other accessories included, such as a carrying bag, and more. This affordable piece is a boon for beginners or even higher-level players. Grab your moments and bring this Melodic electric guitar home.
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