Mercedes Burmester vs Mazda Bose Sound System - One Track, Almost Similar Settings, and My Pick!

In this video, I compare two premium audio sound systems from almost equally proportioned SUVs. Mazda CX-5 Akera and Mercedes GLB 220d.

The video camera will never provide a real-life experience but using the same equipment with unchanged settings helps give perspective.

They do not have similar sound system settings but I always have treble on high, mid just below, and bass lowest of the three.


00:00 - Cars Overview
00:21 - Subwoofer designs
00:48 - Sound System Test GLB
01:56 - Sound System Test CX-5
02:30 - Back to GLB
03:20 - My Pick and Reasons for it!

Music From Epidemic Sound
Dye O - I See Blue
Dye O - Endless Horizon

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