Mercury IIIS Amplifier | Why I chose to order | Compare Prices | Ordering Timeline | Emails Disclose

So your interested in the Mercury IIIS Amplifier! You've heard great reviews right! Excited about it! So am I! Here in this video, I talk about why I chose to order the Mercury IIIS Amplifier. I also talk about comparing prices with other popular Amplifiers however, they are tube Amplifiers and are more forgiving with SWRs. Additionally, I talk about the ordering process and I disclose my emails showing you the estimated timeline in ordering this Amplifier.


00:00 Into
01:14 My current Amps
02:29 Mercury IIIS Dimensions
04:45 Comparing Prices with Tube Amps
06:43 Ordering Process
09:33 Disclose emails and timeline
11:14 Tracking your order
11:47 Outro
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