Meridian Audio DSP8000 XE flagship DSP Digital Active loudspeaker launches with a massive $125000

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Meridian Audio has launched its new flagship loudspeaker, the DSP8000 XE, announcing major advances in platform design, audio engineering, and performance for the company’s DSP digital active loudspeakers. Within the familiar shape of Meridian's high-end loudspeakers, the new DSP8000 XE combines a 5mm beryllium dome with silver voice-coil tweeter plus one midrange driver, and 6 long-throw woofers, in a fully integrated design with analog balanced and digital audio inputs, plus USB (Type C) supporting up to 24-bit/384kHz.
The British audio manufacturer has an extensive history of creating innovative audio technologies and elegant, high-performance audio products since 1977. Meridian Audio pioneered high-end DSP loudspeakers with integrated amplification and high-resolution audio systems for the home. The DSP8000 XE is the first Meridian loudspeaker to emerge from the company’s Extreme Engineering Program which commenced more than six years ago. This research and development effort was created to re-imagine every element of Meridian’s product platforms, including both software and hardware.
A major advance, borne from Meridian’s significant investment in this program, is a new design concept known as ‘Precision Sonic Transport’ (PST). PST adopts innovative techniques and new processes to ensure that every aspect of the audio signal journey through the loudspeaker maintains maximum sonic fidelity. Every detail and emotion is rendered to the listener exactly as captured in the recording. DSP8000 XE is the first of Meridian’s products to benefit from the enhancements enabled by PST, with further new product developments to be announced," the company states.
The DSP8000 XE speakers are built on a brand-new audio architecture, using higher specification, more powerful components, and leveraging Meridian’s expertise in psychoacoustics. An all-new, future-facing audio processing and control platform - host to Meridian’s most powerful DSP engine to date - Atlas Software Core, enables the implementation of new enhancement technologies and features. It also allows even more performance to be extracted and delivered from Meridian’s existing proprietary audio technologies.
The essential hardware infrastructure that deploys the Precision Sonic Transport design concept in the DSP8000 XE is called the R1 Electronics Platform. This features all-new, highly specified digital and analog circuitry and sophisticated, signal enhancing developments, including a state-of-the-art processing center, dedicated to the powerful DSP processing engine and controlling the functionality of the speaker. The R1 Electronics Platform leverages Meridian's Sync-Link, for precision re-clocked digital audio transport via shielded RJ45 links from the Command Board directly to the new DAC boards. The new DACs and amplifiers are all placed on dedicated boards, hard-wired via extremely short balanced audio connections to reduce any signal interference.
The driver configuration is powered by two Class AB 150W amplifiers, one for the tweeter and another for the midrange, plus three class-D 240W amplifiers for the six bass drivers, bridged in pairs. The cabinet and mechanics have also been updated and re-engineered to accommodate mechanical performance enhancements with an updated driver clamp-ring system, flush-fitting acoustically transparent metal grilles, and a mass-loading aluminum base plate.

The new Meridian DSP8000 XE speakers also offer significant new connectivity and control features. These include easy setup and control via the new Meridian B-Link Bluetooth device, IR, USB, RS232, or with a Meridian Controller product. Each loudspeaker also includes the optional IA21 analogue input module which enables users to connect and control the DSP8000 XE via their preferred third-party analog pre-amplifier.
Orders for the DSP8000 XE are being taken now for $125,000 the standard finish is piano black. The start of production for DSP8000 XE is scheduled for March 2022.
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