MESA BOOGIE Studio 22+: Guitar Amp DEMO

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Testing out this old MESA BOOGIE STUDIO 22+ by using the exact EQ / Vol / Reverb settings suggested by the manufacturer (and with an SM57 stuck an inch or so in front of the speaker cloth).

1. Rock - clean rhythm, smoking' lead
2. Rock - chunking rhythm, screaming lead
3. Metal - fat, grinding rhy. searing lead
4. Bedroom Metal - crunch rhythm, insane lead
5. Blues - driving rhythm, soulful singing lead
6. Fusion - funky breathing rhy. articulate lead
7. Jazz - round warm rhythm
8. Country - clean, sparkling lead

For numbers 1-4 I used a Paul Reed Smith CE24 (bridge pickup only)
For numbers 5-7 I used a Gibson ES335 (various pickup positions)
For number 8 I used a Music Man Albert Lee (Bridge & neck pickup)

The amp's Graphic EQ was NOT engaged for any of this video.
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