MIB2 USB HUB retrofit (5G0 035 953 D) - part 1

Gathered parts and bench test of the VAG USB #HUB for MIB2 infotainment units. I'm going to retrofit this device into VW Golf MK7 and hopefully will have two independent #USB ports to use with my #MIB2 Discover Media system. One for CarPlay, one for MP3 playback from mass storage device. This way I can keep a device like CarlinKit or CPLAY2air connected all the time and hidden under the dashboard, and at the same time have fully functional USB port available.

ℹ️ This retrofit is an alternative for USB port replacement. If you had CarPlay enabled and your infotainment requires USB port replacement (removing 5Q0-035-726-F and installing 5Q0-035-726-E instead), you can go with USB HUB and enjoy 2nd additional USB port at the same time.

ℹ️ I'm splitting this tutorial into 2 parts.
In part 1, I'm testing elements, gathering elements, looking for wiring diagrams and trying them out on bench to confirm if my information is correct and if the USB HUB (5G0 035 953 D) works as expected.

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