Mic pre-amp and equalizer with DSP audio compressor (Part 2)

Presenting a ham radio microphone pre-amp and equalizer with DSP audio compression capabilities using a Teensy microcontroller and Teensy Audio Shield.
In case you missed the Part 1 is here https://youtu.be/lW7gafv-UFY
00:00 - Summary
00:16 - Channel intro
00:40 - Microcontroller projects for amateur radio book
22:45 - Final considerations

Code: https://github.com/VA3HDL/DSP_Pre_ProcessorGFX

Parts List
- Teensy 4.0 USB Microcontroller Development Board
- Audio Adaptor Board for Teensy 4.x (SGTL5000 Audio Codec IC)
- OLED 128x64 screen or better
- Encoder with push button
- Headers male/female for connections
- Perfboard
- 600:600 ohms isolation transformer (1:1)
- 7x 0.1uF ceramic capacitors for RF filtering
- 1uF electrolytic capacitor
- LM317 or LM7805 to regulate input voltage to 5v DC
- 2x RJ45 jacks
- Wire for jumpers
- Shielded wire for audio jumpers
- Project box or PVC sheet to build your own box

Teensy Audio Library GUI tool: https://www.pjrc.com/teensy/gui/index.html

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