Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells (1973) (Full Album)

Track list:

1. Mike Oldfield - Part One (0:00)
2. Mike Oldfield - Part Two (25:31)

Credits are adapted from album sleeve notes.

Mike Oldfield – grand piano, glockenspiel, Farfisa organ, bass guitar, electric guitar (including "speed guitar", "fuzz guitar", "mandolin-like guitar" and "guitars sounding like bagpipes"), taped motor drive amplifier organ chord, assorted percussion, acoustic guitar, flageolet, honky tonk piano, Lowrey organ, tubular bells, concert tympani, Hammond organ, Spanish guitar, vocals ("Piltdown Man" and "Moribund chorus")

Additional musicians:
Steve Broughton – drums
Lindsay Cooper – string basses
Jon Field – flutes
Mundy Ellis – backing vocals ("Girlie Chorus")
Sally Oldfield – backing vocals ("Girlie Chorus")
Vivian Stanshall – Master of Ceremonies
Nasal Choir (uncredited)
Bootleg Chorus – the Manor Choir conducted by Mike Oldfield

Mike Oldfield – producer
Simon Heyworth – producer, engineer, mastering
Tom Newman – producer, engineer
Trevor Key – artwork
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