Million Dollar Audiophile System - Music Clip Commentary - Is It the Best Speaker in the World?

I had a rare opportunity to hear a one million dollar speaker - Acapella Sphaerons - with state-of-the-art electronics almost just as much in cost.

I've featured the electronics in the prior videos and a interview with the owner. In this video, I discuss what I heard when playing various pieces of music. The other video I release today will include a music clip to give you a taste of the best as possible via YouTube.

Even through YT, you should be able to discern that this is one of the best audiophile systems in the world.

Here are the details on the rest of his system:

Acapella Sphaeron Excalibur horn system. Run full range with the Berning SET amp.

Berning Hi-Fi One edition SET. 20wpc OTL with Ypsilon silver wired external chokes and EnKlein Silver umbilical’s in a 4-box reference amplifier

SMc/Hi-Fi One edition VRE-2 Silver Reference line stage

SMc/Hi-Fi One Nexus AC Power distribution and grounding enhancement system with Furutech V1 AC cable

EnKlein Hi-Fi One edition XerXes silver speaker, interconnect, AC, digital and grounding cables

Döhmann Helix One Mk 2 turntable

Two Schroeder 9” CB tonearms

Lyra (Lambda version) Atlas and Etna

Lyra Connoisseur 4-3 phono stage

emm labs transport, DA2 v2, and NS-1 streamer

Stillpoints Ultra 6. And bespoke Ultra 7’s isolation feet specifically made for the Acapella Spherion’s

Ayra RevOpod isolation feet

HRS racks and amp stands

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