Mini audio amplifier on 0.3 Watt 6-12 Volt that everyone can make (schematic & demo)

Circuit of a mini 0.3 Watt audio amplifier (good enough for use in the household) that is always succesfull. Resembles a little bit the LM386 Chip. Everything about it is told in the video.

When you make it: watch closely where Emitter, the Collector, and the Base is, don’t solder them in “reversed”, study the pin connections close before soldering them in.

So 1 transistor can look (= is) flipped compared to the other one on the board, regarding whether it is BC547 b (=NPN) or PNP BC 556 b (=PNP).

Amplification factor Hfe must be (say) 300, both for the NPN and the PNP transistor. Not too high.

There are more than 1000 Video’s on my YT channel. I only do analog electronics: audio amplifiers, analog measuring devices, radio circuits, many Shortwave radios, many oscillators HF and audio, other audio & shortwave circuits. Also many (test) generators for all kinds of waveforms, both in the audio range and HF.

Also simple “switch” circuits like the Schmitt triggers acting on different input voltages, 555 circuits and circuits of basic electronics issues like “Ohms law”, resistance properties, capacitance properties, the capacitors testing process, electronic “matching” in audio circuits and audio amplifiers, audio pre amplifiers, microphone amplifiers, etc. In all cases you find the schematic inserted in the video.

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You can contact me via email when you have questions about my published circuits. I always ask for a picture of what you have made + a problem description; I ask to communicate.

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I keep all my YT videos constant actual, so the original video’s with the most recent information are always on YouTube. Search there, and avoid my circuits that are republished, re-arranged, re-edited on other websites, giving not probable re-wiring, etc. Some persons try to find gold via my circuits. I take distance from all these fake claims. I cannot help that these things happen. Upload 15 October 2021.
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