MIPRO Professional Audio Equipment for Stage Application

In this video, we’ll introduce how to use MIPRO professional audio equipment in stage application. There are five sections:
0:00 Intro
0:38 MIPRO Professional Audio Equipment
1:21 Receivers and Antenna Systems
2:49 Monitoring Software
4:04 Wireless IEM Systems
4:38 Application of Dante Interface

Recommended equipment:
ACT-848 Quad-Channel Digital Receiver
ACT-747 Quad-Channel Receiver
ACT-545 Quad-Channel Receiver
AD-708 Auto Gain-Control Antenna Divider
MES-100 WebMote Bridge
MPC-100 Receivers Power Supply Storage Case
MPB-30 Gain-Controllable Antenna Booster
AT-100 Multi-function Directional Circularly Polarized Antenna
MI-58TD ISM Digital Stereo Transmitter
MI-909T UHF Digital Stereo Transmitter
MIPRO RCS2.Net Monitoring Software

Global Distributors: https://www.mipro.com.tw/webls-en-us/msg/distributors.html
Official Website: https://www.mipro.com.tw

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