ML SOUND LAB Amped Dual All Presets Demo

0:00 - Dual Ch1 Clean
1:25 - Dual Ch1 Pushed
3:00 - Dual Ch2 Raw
4:23 - Dual Ch2 Vintage
5:11 - Dual Ch2 Modern
6:01 - Dual Ch3 Raw
7:08 - Dual Ch3 Vintage
7:47 - Dual Ch3 Modern
Amped Ark https://youtu.be/BSUs1d2U4dQ
Amped Burger https://youtu.be/FR8MM19uiU4
Amped CB4 Chris Baseford https://youtu.be/8dh7kSqTugw
Amped Dual https://youtu.be/dZuyGnAaqJA
Featured amp
Amped Dual is a collection of 8 amp sims based on the most iconic American high gain tube amplifier. This plugin runs ML Sound Lab's Vorna Amp Modeling, indistinguishable from real tube amplifiers.

Included amp sims:
• Dual Ch3 Modern
• Dual Ch3 Vintage
• Dual Ch3 Raw
• Dual Ch2 Modern
• Dual Ch2 Vintage
• Dual Ch2 Raw
• Dual Ch1 Pushed
• Dual Ch1 Clean

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