Mod ANY Combo Amp into a Head/Cab In ONE! Speaker Out, Amp In, & Speaker Upgrade!

Today we will be modifying my Marshall Master Lead Combo 30(5010) amplifier by adding a speaker output and an amp input for the built-in speaker! This effectively makes it both a head, cabinet, and combo! We will also be upgrading the speaker from a 12 inch, 15 ohm, Celestion G12-30 to a 12 inch, 4 ohm, Peavey Sheffield.

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00:00 Intro
03:00 Mod and Parts Overview
07:41 Drilling the Jack Box Holes
10:36 Old Speaker Overview - Celestion G12-30
14:51 Old Speaker Removal
16:08 New Speaker Mounting and Comparison
17:13 Mod Wiring Schematic
19:07 Installing Spade Female Connectors to Amp Wires
21:20 Direct Connection Speaker Test!
21:51 Wiring the Speaker Output Jack
22:41 Speaker Input Jack Cable Creation/Overview
26:30 Connecting the Speaker Input Jack
26:51 First Test - Speaker Output Jack Direct to Speaker Input Jack
27:59 Why Did It Fail?
28:20 Wiring Attempt #2
29:47 Second Test - Speaker Output Jack Direct to Speaker Input Jack
30:23 Completed, Functional Jack Box Overview! Speaker Out/Speaker In
31:49 Sound Test - Marshall Connected to 4x8 Cab!
33:57 Sound Test - Guitar Research T64RS Tube Head Connected to Marshall Amp Speaker!
36:11 Sound Comparison Overview - Old Celestion Speaker vs. New Peavey Sheffield Speaker
36:41 Sound Comparison - Old(Celestion) - Bridge
36:59 Sound Comparison - New(Sheffield) - Bridge
37:13 Sound Comparison - Old(Celestion) - Neck
37:26 Sound Comaprison - New(Sheffield) - Neck
37:46 Sound Comparison Results
38:29 Freestyle Sound Test - Marshall Direct Into New, Built-In Speaker
42:23 Freestyle Sound Test - Guitar Research Head into Marshall Amp as a Cab
45:01 Outro and Final Thoughts
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