Modal Effects Disruption Modular All-In-One Gain Pedal

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The DISRUPTION Modular Gain pedal provides a philosophy for and what a guitar pedal should do: provide guitarists with a huge amount of customization, be both satisfying and easy to use and, most importantly, maintain the high-quality, authentic sound of guitar pedal classics.

The base is called “DISRUPTION Base” and the modules are called “Mods”. There are 6 unique Mods across 5 types: 1 Boost, 1 Overdrive, 1 Distortion, 1 Fuzz, and 2 Tone. The Mods are based off the gain stages and tone stacks from the most popular pedal circuits.

Tone: A passive low pass filter with a large cutoff frequency range.
Boost: A clean boost mod to up your guitar signal. Use before another gain Mod to increase the saturation of the gain stage or after to increase output volume of the pedal.
Overdrive: A MOSFET based overdrive that gives asymmetric clipping waves for a unique crunch.
Distortion: An iconic 70’s metal distortion. Use Ge for solely germanium diodes for a more saturated sound. Use Ge + Si for a blend of silicon and germanium diodes that creates a louder and more dynamic output.
Fuzz: A classic fuzz that offers a great balance of crunch and a rich, full sustain. Use Si for silicon diodes with a compressed and harsher sound. Use LED for light-emitting diodes for a warmer more tube-like sound.

By swapping and stacking gain stages and tone stacks, you are changing the physical circuitry within the pedal which is how Disruption provides a huge range of customization for analog effects. The Mods connect to the Base with magnetic connectors

Modal Effects - https://www.modaleffects.com/


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Gear used:

Paul Reed Smith CE 24

Porter Pickups Smooth Alnico 2 and Classic Alnico 5 - http://porterpickups.com/

REVV Amplification D20 - https://revvamplification.com/

Strymon Iridium Amp & IR Cab - https://www.strymon.net/

29 Pedals EUNA
Thru-Tone PM-1
Chicago Stompworks Gray Speck
Boss DD-8 (stereo) - https://www.boss.info/global/

REVV's FX Loop:
Meris Enzo Synth
Strymon Zelzah Phaser
Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall Analog Delay

Peterson StroboStomp HD Tuner

Universal Audio Apollo Twin X Duo Thunderbolt Interface

Video shot in beautiful 4K with an Olympus E-PL10


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