Modded Fender MD-20 Mini Deluxe amp

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Got this amp used, w/ a broken power switch. I installed a toggle in it's place and started modding it, since I had it open.

• Vintage Orange LED indicator light (originally Red, then I tried Blue, but liked Orange better);
• Vintage 3x5" 3w 8 Ohm alnico Speaker;
• Speaker out switch for headphone jack (can still be used for headphones in down position);
• Added a pair of germanium diodes in series w/ the clipping diodes;
• Added a pair of Red LEDs in parallel w/ the gain potentiometer for more, gradual compression at high gains;

I wanted to make a little sound test to put up here since it's been ages since my last video.

Gear used:
• 1x10 cab w/ generic woofer;
• Tagima Memphis MG52 in Butterscotch w/ generic Hot Rails single-sized humbuckers (w/ push-pull potentiometers for series/parallel and phase/outta-phase options);

Hope you like it!
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