MODERNISING THE CLIO V6! Stereo Upgrade for the Project Car | RESTORATION Part 10

A well needed modernisation upgrade for the Clio V6! With all of the upgrades, the car makes a fantastic noise from its Quicksilver exhaust, but we’ve decided that it’s also time to modernise the interior by installing a new Bluetooth stereo system. Let's see how this goes!

First up, we’re taking the car out in London’s traffic as we to Dynamic Sounds to purchase a Sony head unit and some Focal speakers. They’re supplying us with adapters too so this should make the whole install completely plug and play and add the additional functionality to the car.

After what felt like hours of speed bumps and stop/start traffic, we’re back and ready to start stripping the interior of @Shmee150’s Renault. The door speakers are first to be removed, followed by the stereo and then the whole upper dashboard. It's always an anxious moment when you strip a car apart quite this much, but you've got to do, what you've got to do!

Finally it’s time to install the new parts and put everything back together, will we be successful!?

Thanks for watching!
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