Modifying a Clean Boost Guitar Pedal

This video look at how we can modify the basic Clean Boost (see previous videos) into a distortion pedal using clipping diodes set up in both the "soft" and "hard" clipping configurations.

00:04 Introduction
02:08 Breadboarding the original circuit
02:26 Guitar - Clean Boost
02:32 Adding Diodes - Silicon - Soft Clipping
03:26 Guitar - Soft Clipping - Clean(!)
03:30 Increasing the gain of the circuit for clipping
04:34 Addressing (some of) the circuit noise
05:34 Guitar - Soft Clipping - 1n914 silicon diodes
05:50 Using green LEDs as soft clipping diodes
06:21 Guitar - Soft Clipping - Green LEDs
07:24 Adding Diodes - Silicon - Hard Clipping
09:03 Guitar - Soft and Hard Clipping - 1n914 silicon diodes
09:19 Guitar - (just) Hard Clipping - 1n914 silicon diodes
09:40 Using Germanium D9E for Hard Clipping
10:08 Guitar - Hard Clipping - D9E Germanium diodes
10:44 Visualising Clipping Diodes on the Oscilloscope
17:00 How I have the scope probes set-up
17:18 About Diodes
21:16 Measuring Diode Forward Bias on a multimeter
24:48 Diode Curve Tracing Circuit
25:22 Curve tracing diodes in XY mode on the scope
27:29 Recap and Outro

The notes shown in this video are here:

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I am no expert in electronics, I remain a curious hobbyist. However, I have always been fascinated in learning how audio electronics works. Disassembling various radios as a kid and eventually becoming interested in designing and building guitar effects pedals. I attempt to understand how these systems operate electronically, and due to this approach, I have picked up a few bits of theory along the way. If you're unsure about it, my best advice is just get started, mistakes and corrections (and the occasionally popped component) is how we learn. You win or you learn

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