MODULAR VOYAGE #9 - First techno improv with Roland TR8S, Octatrack and modular

[Headphones recommended!]

Just got the Roland TR8S in last Sunday! Hooked it up to my modular and Octatrack MK2 to do a little techno improv for Blast Radio on Wednesday.

Effects (delay + distortion) are from the TR8S, added a liiiiittle reverb with the Octatrack. Delay + reverb on the modular are also from the Octatrack this time.

Modules used:
Intellijel Atlantis
Big T Music LTD Rangoon + Monsoon
ALM Busy Circuits Pamela’s New Workout
Westlicht Performer
Mannequins Just Friends
Bloodcells Audio D.O.Mixx

Octa’s compressor on the master track and a little saturation inside Ableton with the Black Box HG-2MS (check it out at Plugin Alliance).
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