Mooer Hornet White 30W Modeling Amp

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Modeling Guitar Combo

Power: 30 Watt RMS
Speaker configuration: 1x Custom 8" (8 Ohm)
9 High-quality digital replicas of popular amplifiers for electric guitars
3 Selectable modulation effects (chorus, phaser and vibrato)
3 Selectable delay types (analogue, tape echo and digital)
3 Selectable reverb types (Room, Hall and Church)
2 Working modes (Live / Preset)
Independent tap tempo input for modulation effects and delay
Integrated tuner
9 User presets
Wireless Bluetooth connection and AUX input for media playback
Controls for Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Volume, Mod, Delay and Reverb
9-Way rotary switch to select amp model
Control buttons for Live / Preset, M.Tap, D.Tap, BT and Tuner
LED display
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