Mor-Gain Rangefinder / Range Master

The Range Finder provides a selectable bright/dark setting as well as a font end boost. Shine some light on that dark amp of yours!

In the days of big booming single-ended
amplifiers of the 1950s and early '60s, input impedance became a real problem! Long cable runs & hot wound humbuckers were just a few of the issues that could make a naturally bright and chimy amp very dark very quickly! Thus the range master circuit was born!

Fast forward down the timeline and the improvement to this already brilliant circuit added boost, and selectable input capacitors that could conform to different amplifiers and different guitars to provide a full rich sound without a loss of brightness. The Range Finder is not a friendly pedal and doesn't get along very well with others haha. Some other effects will love it, some other effects will hate it! Range finder / range master circuits are more typical to players who rely on their amp drive rather than stomp boxes although it can find a home on a pedal board when carefully dialed in.
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