MOVING Sound Around The Cabin?! | Behind The Sound - Porsche Boxster 987

In Volume 3 of Behind The Sound on the Porsche Boxster 987 we show you how and why we move sound AROUND the car's cabin using tuning software!

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The Porsche Boxster is an incredibly popular and useable sports car, that owners often spend a lot of time covering plenty of miles in. The 987 generation Boxster offers an excellent package, but the infotainment and audio in the car are now struggling to keep up with modern standards.

This customer originally came in for a head unit upgrade to add Apple CarPlay into his Boxster, and after a tour of our Cambridge workshops and an Audio Consultation, decided to upgrade the sound in his car to make the most of that new functionality.

This Boxster did not have the Bose system from factory, meaning it had simply a tweeter in the dashboard, and a 7" woofer in the doors. While there is a grille for a midrange speaker, it is not included in this system.

To give a huge boost in sound, we are adding in the Hertz Mille Pro tweeter into the stock locations on top of the dash, the Hertz Mille Pro 3" Midrange speaker filling that empty grille location in the middle of the doors, and the Hertz Mille Legend 7" woofer giving an incredible level of mid-bass in a stock location at the bottom of the doors. This new system tackles the full frequency range, and the larger 7" Mille Legend woofer performs incredibly well with lower frequencies to compensate for not adding a dedicated subwoofer on this system.

To power the whole system, and make sure its loud enough for even when the roof is down, we are using the Audison Forza 8.9Bit amplifier, which is a compact Class D amp that has 8 channels of output, and 9 channels of processing power. This allows us to run the system fully active at 85 watts per channel, although the 7" woofers are running bridged, which means 2 channels to each speaker, utilising the full 8 channels of amplification. This gives the 7" Mille Legend speakers even more of a kick with the extra power boost.

Having the 8.9Bit also allows us to tune the system, cleaning up the signals sent from the headunit to give the best possible output to the speakers, while also time aligning and tuning the system to give a spectacular improvement in the listening experience for the customer.

While the car is with us we are also soundproofing the doors, to help reduce rattles and resonations while also creating the best possible environment for the new speakers to work in. Without soundproofing, doors are effectively big metal voids, which are not the ideal space for soundwaves to operate in - like in a big, echo-y room. By adding soundproofing, the soundwaves interact with the surfaces in a far more optimal way to create a much cleaner sound output.

Make sure you stay tuned to this full series showing the install and tuning of the new Hertz sound system that will be rocking this Porsche!

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