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Hi Friends! Welcome to Mr Ma's China Adventures!
To better reflect my life and work in China I've just rebranded my Youtube channel. My English name being Mario and my Chinese name being 马意骏 Ma Yi Jun, the friendly nickname Mr Ma works nicely and is more fun and positive.

On this channel I share my work and life interests based for 22 years in China, to offer knowledge, inspiration, hope, wisdom and entertainment to all of my viewers. Please always feel free to offer your suggestions and ideas in the comments section.

I am reorganizing the Playlists for your ease to follow.

Mr Ma's China Adventures
Mr Ma's Life Adventures
Mr Ma's Music / Jazz Piano Adventures
Mr Ma's Communication Skills Adventures
Mr Ma's Relationship Adventures
Mr Ma's Spiritual Adventures
Mr. Ma's Business Success Adventures
Mr Ma's War on China show Episodes

I will shuffle all the previous videos into the proper playlists in coming few weeks.

My thanks to Executive Producer and cohost Fernando Munoz who joins me on
"The War on China"® show which is our show focusing on geopolitics of the day
Created by Mario Cavolo
Executive Producer Fernando Munoz

Watch here as we continue to dive deeper into the conspiracies and manipulation you have been subject to from the western governments and mainstream media re China.

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