MUGIC 2-Hand granular and shuffler

This sessions builds on the previous session with a single granular/shuffler effect added. This effect is on the master channel after the independent sources. All real-time controls for this effect are input via the left hand. I am saving the last few controls on the right hand for some additional audio source(s).

The dynamic range on this effect is wide, so I compresses this recording a bunch.

New documentation patch shows the inputs from the controller and the controls for the synth/effects patches. Breaking out the control interface for the patch helped clarify what I was controlling in real-time vs what was fixed or controlled by presets. It also helped keep the audio and mapping more modular. This may seem trivial, but its rather exciting from a sound design perspective, because I could now easily move the audio synth/processing circuits into a DAW and use MIDI or OSC to maps the control modules in Max to the audio modules in Live or Mainstage.
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