Muscle Car Updated! | Corvette C5 Head Unit Upgrade

In this video we show you a Corvette C5 that has been upgraded with a new head unit for smartphone integration, along with a new centre console panel!

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This Corvette C5 is an incredible car, shipped over from the USA by its owner. One downside of an older Muscle car is the infotainment system. The dated single din radio has now been replaced by a double din touchscreen unit from Pioneer, featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, all completely wirelessly.

Smartphone integration allows you to utilise the apps and connectivity of your phone in a format designed for use while driving. This gives you on the road access to Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Spotify, Apple Music, WhatsApp and more, as well as the usual phone call functionality.

This change of unit also required a new centre console panel to be fitted, which was supplied by the customer and is now flush in place within the car, looking incredibly smart with the new technology included.

Lots of options are available for both head unit upgrades on these Corvette's, as well as full sound systems utilising a lot of space within the car to fill it with a totally up-to-date standard of sound!
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