MV 357 - "Ford Fiesta Cooling Fan Replacement"

In today's vlog, we finally get to change out the cooling fan that has failed in my sister's 2017 Ford Fiesta SE.


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Music provided by Silent Partner (Creative Commons music)

Disclaimer : If you choose to use the information in this video for your own benefit of repair purposes via the information or "hands-on" practices seen in this video, I will not be held liable for any negative result (such as damage, unsuccessful repair or any injury of any kind) that can take place if you are attempting to do the repair yourself. These videos are solely for the purpose of entertainment and mostly follow my journey of ownership with the cars I document. The repairs that I perform on these vehicles are part of my documentation process and may not always be the best or safest way of doing the repair. If you do attempt to do any repair on your own vehicle, always make sure to follow all safety protocols like wearing eye protectant, wearing gloves, using the proper tools and lift equipment, etc. and be sure to look up the proper service procedure. Do not attempt any repair if you do not have the knowledge or have uncertainty about performing the job yourself, in which case you should seek a professional mechanic or technician.
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