My First DIY Guitar Amp - Old microphone amplifier redesigned for high gain guitar

This is an old Microphone PA made in Greece maybe between 1960 to 1980, probably used in churches. I had to remove all original components, i just kept the transformers and potentiometers. It's my first attempt to design an original circuit for high gain and still a work in progress.

The amp has 3 unbranded 12ax7's in the preamp section, a new Sovtek 12ax7lps for the phase inverter and 2 new Brimar EL504 in the power section (fixed bias, push/pull). The EL504s can produce at least 50 watts with no compression, I have to upgrade them to EL34s to add some power amp overdrive and buy a new output transformer.

Signal Chain:
Gibson SG, Dublex PA50, Harley Benton attenuator (line out), Focusrite Scarlett audio interface, OwnHammer IRs (Marshall 1960 4x12 cabinet with Vintage 30s and a Shure SM57), some delay and reverb from Neural Archetype Nolly.

00:00 Clean Channel (4 gain stages, low gain)
00:48 Clean Channel (4 gain stages, mid gain)
01:20 OD Channel (5 gain stages, mid gain)
02:25 OD Channel (5 gain stages, high gain)
03:00 OD Channel (6 gain stages, mid gain)
04:12 OD Channel (6 gain stages, high gain)

I will also upload a full mix track using this amp sometime in the future.
I don't think that anybody cares but maybe someone out there likes it :P

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