My Guitar Gear of the year 2021 - Boss IR-200

In this video, I look at what I consider to be the best bit of guitar gear to be released in 2021, which is the Boss IR-200. The Boss IR-200 is an amp modeler with an IR loader built-in. The thing that makes this different from other types of amp modelers is the way that this unit reacts from your fingers to the guitar to the IR-200. Not only is this a great sounding unit but one of my favorite things about the IR-200 is the quality of the reverb, so if you're looking for a great sounding amp modeler for the studio or even the stage I can highly recommend the Boss IR-200
Here’s what Boss says about it

Introducing the IR-200, the most advanced compact amp/IR solution available. This powerhouse stomp brings next-level performance to direct sound for guitar and bass, offering exceptional audio quality, premium amps, deep sound shaping, and instant sound recall with 128 memories. Over 150 hi-res cab impulse responses from BOSS and Celestion Digital are on board, plus 128 locations for loading your own mono or stereo IRs. The IR-200 turns your pedalboard into a self-contained direct sound solution for live playing, studio recording, and practice. It delivers massive amp tones from a small footprint and smoothly integrates with all your favorite pedals, including stereo mod, delay, and reverb effects. And once you craft your tones, you can send them to a stage amp, house PA, computer recording system, or headphones—or all at once.
The Studio Rats are core band members Paul Drew on guitar/production/mixing, drummer James Ivey and Dan Hawkins on bass. They collaborate with singers and musicians to produce radio-ready songs.
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