My Home Theater 2023 - The end game?!? 5.1.2 (In the description)

Will this be my final destination? honestly no!

Am I happy with my system? yes, I'm so damn happy!!

Then why am I not finished with my sound system?

Get me right, the speakers are the best I've had and I've had a lot of speakers over the years. Many more than I have shown here. Arendal are probably the first ones I've had that sound better and better the higher you play. They never seem to lose focus but just ask for more. It's exactly the same when playing at low volume. They highlight such a character that you just smile.

I'm not a person who collects Blurays i can buy some but if I've seen a movie once I'm satisfied. When I got this system home, I started rewatching ond movies again. I dont really care about the movie itself, but the sound! The new sound experience just made one smile :) I must have seen about 20 old films just to experience the sound again.

With these praises why am I not satisfied?

Well, if you've found something that's good, you just want more.

I will be upgrading to 5.(2).4 in the coming years. I need 2 more 1961 Heights on the front wall and maby one more Subwoofer 1961 1V, havent decided yet.

My marantz is really a machine I would recommend to anyone doing Home theater, it's a brutal machine. But my Arendals like to play with a little more power, so im looking at preamp and poweramp…more to come about this !


My Setup:

Reciver: Marantz SR7015
Fronts: Arendal 1961 Tower
Center: Arendal 1961 Center
Surrounds: Arendal 1961 Surround
Atmos Height Back: 1961 Heigts
Subwoofer: Arendal 1961 1V
Tv: LG C1
BD Player: Sony UBP-800X
Apple TV 4K


Signal and speaker cables from Supra


Room Size
3900mm x 6500mm


I dont use Audyssey(all done by ear)

Crossovers: 2channel
Front: Small / 80hz
Subwoofer: Yes / 52hz
Levels done with dB meter.
Delays done by ear.

Crossover: Hometheather

Front 80hz
Center 100hz
Surrounds 100hz
Delays done by ear.



Most of the room's floor is covered with carpets

The roof is soundproofed with 40mm Ecophon master B (which made an incredible difference to the sound)

* Surroundspreaker stand
* Tv bench
* Subwoofer stand
* Livingroom tabel
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