My tailor made Princeton Reverb head cabinet amp. 1964 -1967 “blackface” circuits AA1164.

I replaced the preamp tube for a vintage 1950's Phillips Miniwatt ECC83 and it just sounded so sweet I had to show the world. So here it is, and I'm playing it through an external speaker cabinet with a George Alessandro Signature Eminence GA10 SC64 10" speaker.

Guitars used:
Partscaster Strat with Evil Sheep '63 pickups
2013 Gibson ES-335 1963 VOS RI w/ MHS humbuckers
2001 GIBSON ES-335 DOT FLAMETOP CHERRY RED, stock pickups, probably Classic '57's

00:00 Intro talk
00:38 Tones from the amp - The road I follow ©Thor Oliversen

If you'd like to check ut the amp builder you will find him here:
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