My Two Favourite Amps - Matchless HC30 | Rift Aynsley Lister

Hey all,

This one is really just a bit of fun and some demos with my two favourite amps - the Matchless HC30 and the Rift Aynsley Lister. We'll do some clean, some medium gain and some higher gain stuff.

Thanks for watching!

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Time Stamps:

0:00 Intro Demo
0:57 My Two Favourite Amps
1:44 The Rift Aynsley Lister
3:42 The Matchless HC30 Reverb
6:38 Clean Demo Rift
8:41 Clean Playing Matchless
10:17 Cleans Compared
14:30 Medium Gain Matchless Demo
16:09 Medium Gain Rift Demo
17:41 How The Medium Gain Compares
20:04 Matchless Rotary Tone Knob Tested
22:42 High Gain Compared
23:14 Matchless 'High' Gain
24:03 Rift 'High' Gain
25:14 Final Thoughts
28:14 Giveaway Announcement - ENTER IT!
28:39 Matchless High Gain Demo
30:53 Rift High Gain Demo
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