Netflix RRR Home Theater Experience

John joins DJ as the full time cohost of Bright Side Home Theater

And what a first show they have right out of the gate! After a little bit of getting to know the Home Theater side and experience of John they talk about some of their experiences of the week and then get into Netflix Hindi movie RRR. How is the 4K HDR? How is the Atmos? How does this movie measure up to some of the other big streaming movies?

All that and so much more!

The boys are BACK together, and the laughs ensue. If you can’t laugh while talking Home Theater, you’re doing something wrong. Right?

Push Play and hear for yourself.
And if you’d like to contribute to the show…
Here are Two Ways YOU CAN BE ON THE SHOW
Email the guys and put “HT Experience” in the subject line they will talk about your comment on the Podcast.
Email or DM Them on Twitter to schedule to record a Take Over Tuesday episode.
A movie you liked or a Movie you hated?
A favorite scene?
Good or Bad Experience with Home Theater gear?
Comments about past Bright Side Home Theater podcasts?
Anything about your Home Theater Experience, just let them know and you’ll be on the show!

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