Neural Tone King Imperial for Blues and Slide Guitar

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While I love using my amps it’s very convenient just to sit down, plug my guitar into my audio interface and then start playing at low volumes. The latest plugin I tried last week, the Neural DSP Tone King completely blew me away so I thought I would make a video about how it sounds and how you can get similar tones using it that I get in my lessons. I used my Motu M4 interface and was listening back on Yamaha HS8’s.

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Intro 00:00
Strat Clean 04:14
Strat Tweed 09:15
Les Paul 15:45
Duane Allman 19:55
Derek Slide 24:00
Duane Slide 24:50

Hi, my name is John W Tuggle! I love playing blues guitar and teaching people how to improve their guitar skills from Atlanta Ga.

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