New Dead Space Remake systems are promising

Dead Space is a game that got a lot of things right which is why it became an iconic franchise. Now EA Motive is taking up the mantle in their efforts to completely remake the original game.

In a recent live stream, the developer dives deep into some huge changes coming to audio in the game. It’s exciting stuff so we pulled out all the highlights from the 1-hour live stream and put them into this 8-minute recap.

0:00 - Dead Space Remake is introducing new systems
2:12 - Dead Space Remake Comparison 1 (audio bouncing)
3:19 - New sound dynamics example
3:58 - Dead Space Remake Comparison 2 (weapon sounds)
4:57 - Original Dead Space breathing and sound layers
5:42 - Dead Space Remake dynamic breathing and dialogue
8:41 - Dead Space Remake ambient walkthrough

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[YouTube] Dead Space Remake Audio Deep dive Livestream

[YouTube] Dead Space Remake Ambient walkthrough
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