New design Class A Tremolo boards Build an easy tube guitar amplifier Fender Vibrochamp D-lab style

Many of you have requested a small wattage tube amplifier kit with on board tremolo. I heard & took action. Just received the new ECB-AT boards a week ago. For demonstration purposes, I constructed this small amp on a Hammond 10x6x2" aluminum chassis. After the shake down, it will be installed into a vintage Coronado wood radio cabinet. The radio cab has a 6" Jensen Mod, 8 ohm speaker. As a bonus, you can unplug the internal speaker and connect to your extension cabinet. Note: The output tube on this amp circuit is universal. The 6V6 was just common & easy to configure. You can run many types, such as 6AQ5, 6K6, EL84, 6CM6, many others. I can provide the tube pin connection data. Of course you will have to adjust your bias resistor per the tube and high voltage that your transformer delivers. This design has been in the works for a year. Thanks to Patreon & other donations, I was able to get a batch ordered. These are now available with documentation. Bare or populated. I do not offer the transformers/chassis/pots, etc. You can purchase those components from Amplifiedparts.com. e-mail me if you would like to order. TD
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