New Guitar Or New Amp?! - Which Is More Important For Tone & What You Should Upgrade Next!

Dagan helps you answer the age old guitarist question of what's more important to get a good guitar tone, a better guitar, or better amp?!

The funny thing is, it's up to YOU to decide! Playing guitar and the constant search for the 'Ultimate TONE' is extremely subjective and all very personal and differs from person to person! So in this video Dagan give you pointers and tips to look out for when it comes to deciding what's next for you in constant search for your perfect guitar tone, a different guitar, or amp!

Rock the gear used in this video at PMT Online below:
Gibson Les Paul Custom -
Epiphone Les Paul Classic -
Marshall 1987X Head -
Marshall Origin 50 Head -
Marshall 1960AV Cab -
Two Notes Torpedo Captor X -
Tourtech Cables -

00:00 Intro & What's Coming Up
00:45 Rig Playthroughs
01:34 Overview Of Setup
02:26 Attenuating The 1987x
03:04 Why / When To Upgrade Your Guitar
05:04 Why / When To Upgrade Your Amp
05:45 Guitars - Expensive vs Affordable
09:18 Amps - Expensive vs Affordable
13:34 Today's Rig - Playthroughs Of Each
18:10 Is It All Worth It?
19:14 Did You Guess The Correct Rigs?
20:03 Final Thoughts

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