New Land Rover Defender 90 DSP Audio Upgrade

Here we have a 2022 Defender 90, this is a commercial version but it makes no odds, the audio system we have installed in this model takes advantage of a DSP (digital sound processor) It allows us to “tune” the system to the vehicle giving the very best audio performance possible.
This Defender came with the base audio from the factory, If you have the Meridian audio then see our other relative videos.
The upgraded system uses Audison front speakers, the doors are fully sound proofed which is incredibly important, this involves several layers of acoustic absorbing material being installed to the inner door, regulator panel and the back of the door card itself.
This is to reduce vibration and cancellation, it helps provide the very best acoustic environment for the speaker as possible, minimising colouration and distortion.
A JL Audio Class D amplifier is used to drive the front speakers and the hidden JL Audio Subwoofer.
The Subwoofer is hidden under the floor in the Defender so no space is lots at all, the amp and DSP are also hidden under the floor in the new Defender.
The DSP used in this system is a Hertz H8, this is a great bit of kit that has plenty of features and won’t break the bank.
The overall result was very impressive, great sound quality, well controlled bass and a accurate and detailed front sound stage.
For further information please contact [email protected] or call 01279 757218
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