New Metal Guitar Amp Sim Clairvoyant - Instant Modern Tone! Ft. Currents - Monsters Guitar Cover

Reviewing the New Metal Guitar Amp Sim Clairvoyant by The Modern Metal Songwriters - Instant Modern Tone! Riffs by Currents - Monsters - Guitar Cover.

You can get the drum sound in this video by using my template here: https://mailchi.mp/13d1f1a9b0cc/reapersd3

Clairvoyant Plugin (not affiliated): https://www.modernmetalsongwriter.com/products/clairvoyant

0:00 Intro
0:38 Clairvoyant Demonstration - Currents - Monsters
03:14 Don’t Forget to Subscribe!
03:30 My Impressions of Clairvoyant
04:04 The Advantages
05:08 Clairvoyant Features and Layout
06:44 Thoughts about real amps vs Clairvoyant and its applications
07:46 Playing with Clairvoyant Settings
11:12 Conclusions

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