New Soldano Astro 20 Amplifier | IRs, MIDI and much more | Thomann

After so many years Soldano released a brand new amp, the Astro 20. It's not only a fresh tone from Soldano but also a feature-packed power house of pure versatility. Let's check it out together with Kris and Guillaume. Leave a comment below!

Gear used: http://tho.mn/7fwc0
Recorded in Presonus Studio One: https://bit.ly/S1Pro6
Recorded and mixed with Universal Audio: http://tho.mn/uadx1
Monitors optimised through Sonarworks: http://tho.mn/sonar
We use Cordial cables exclusively: https://www.thomann.de/intl/cat_brand_BF_cordial.html

Interesting bits and pieces:
0:00 Introduction
1:15 What is the Astro 20
2:03 Tones through the Soldano cabinet - Les Paul
4:45 First impressions
5:22 Clean channel with pedals
6:13 What's special about this amp?
7:44 Tones through the Soldano cab - single coils
9:27 The amp WITHOUT a cab! The IR's
9:38 Playing | Line out - all the IR's
11:40 Our thoughts and impressions

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