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This is a special day for fans of Soldano amps. They just released their SLO pedal.
But is it any good? Is it gonna become a modern classic, same as the SLO amp did?
Gotta find it out. Enjoy the video!

Check out the Soldano SLO pedal here (Thomann affiliate link):

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0:00 Introduction
0:25 Intro Song
1:45 I'm sceptical with "amp in a box" pedals
2:40 PLAYING | Dynamic drive tone
3:26 The pedal layout / knobs
4:02 PLAYING | All the gain - awesome sustain
5:33 The Deep switch
6:19 PLAYING | Deep off - Deep on
6:58 What about the articulation?
7:28 PLAYING | Complex chords w/ high gain
7:54 What's up with low gain bluesy tones?
8:51 PLAYING | Strat - bluesy crunch gain at 1
9:14 My thoughts on the SLO
9:48 PLAYING | Tele - gain at 2
11:14 How does it stack with other pedals?
11:40 PLAYING | Stacking with the Wampler Moxie

Gear used in this video:
(the Bitly links are Thomann affiliate links)

-PJD Guitars St John LTD:
-Gibson Les Paul CM 2015 - heavily modified "Junior"
-Fender Telecaster CS '53 reissue
-Barocsi "Frankenstrat"
-Gibson Les Paul CS '58 reissue
-Soldano SLO pedal:
-Wampler Moxie:
-UAFX Golden Reverb:
-REVV Dynamis 7/40 head:
-Universal Audio OX BOX
-Two Notes Captor X:
-One Control Agamidae switcher:
-Evidence Lyric cables:
-Evidence Audio patch cables:
-DR Strings:

Other gear I use in my videos:

-Harley Benton Fusion-II Roasted SSP
-Barocsi Troublecaster - Custom built T-style
-Kasleder Vintage King:
-Kasleder Toxic Twins:
-UAFX Astra Modulation:
-Xotic Super Clean:
-J Rockett Uni-Verb:
-REVV Tilt overdrive:
-VS Audio Royal Flush
-VS Audio Pandora Fuzz
-Honey Bee Double Trouble:
-Kasleder Time Trap delay:
-Walrus Audio D1 Delay:
-Empress Effects Compressor
-Analogman King of Tone
-Tate FX Raise the Dead Ge:
-J Rockett Archer overdrive:
-Morgan 1x12 cab Twilight:

The speech mic:
Audio Interface:
-Audient iD44:

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