New type of oscillator invented? No.... Issue solved but an interesting MOSFET oscillator circuit

Third video about “New type of radio oscillator invented?”. The answer is (sorry) “no”..... Please read the textbox for the necessary info.

But an interesting and easy to make oscillator with a N-MOSFET.

IMPORTANT: connect the (+) to the DRAIN for best results. Showed in the top/left of the document/schematic (=best setup) ON MINUTE 4.22 in this video (and in the thumbnail).

The (+) can also be connected to the GATE (it also oscillates, but it is not ideal, that is showed in the middle of the document).

The “secret” was that the wire of approx. 10 cm long between the Gate and the Drain forms a coil. Together with the internal capacitance inside the MOSFET we have a tank circuit (L-C, time dependent, here in the 10 MC range). So by varying the length of that wire you can go to other frequencies (table in the video). Witch a longer piece of wire to a lower frequency. More info in the video. Sorry for this (in a kind of way) disappointment…..

It was made with a MOSFET the IRF B17 N 50 L. It is a N-power MOSFET, properties/datasheet is/are on the www. Perhaps it can also work with other MOSFETS (not tested, I am going to do that, if so I will mention usable type numbers in the textbox of this video)

First video about this oscillator is here https://youtu.be/NhKQxw92UCw

Second video about this oscillator is here https://youtu.be/grtfSxhEAao

EARLIER circuits (a few years ago!) of a new oscillator principle and a real new type of oscillator, not earlier published in the electronic books and lectures, that I developed in the past are here:

This new type of a VHF oscillator circuit without a coil was made with a bipolar transistor, the BD 139 NPN or the BD 140 PNP. They are here:






It was tested over and over on its functionality. There are more than 1000 Video’s on my YT channel. I only do analog electronics: audio amplifiers, analog measuring devices, radio circuits, many Shortwave radios, many oscillators HF and audio, other audio & shortwave circuits. Also many (test) generators for all kinds of waveforms, both in the audio range and HF. Also simple “switch” circuits like the Schmitt triggers acting on different input voltages, 555 circuits and circuits of basic electronics issues like “Ohms law”, resistance properties, capacitance properties, the capacitors testing process, electronic “matching” in audio circuits and audio amplifiers, audio pre amplifiers, microphone amplifiers, etc. In all cases you find the schematic inserted in the video.

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