Nikki Lane | Gibson Generation Collection | Artist Interview Series

We collaborated with songwriters and players who represent a new, wildly diverse generation of genre-crushing musicians to showcase our new collection. Our artist interview series focuses on their creative ethos, artistic process, and what it means to hear more of themselves with their Generation Collection acoustic.

In this video, Nikki Lane discusses her longstanding interest in playing music and how she became a musician and songwriter. She also goes into some of her musical influences and her introduction to 60s country music. Nikki also talks about her preference for smaller-bodied guitars and reveals what she likes about the new Gibson Generation Collection G-00, from the comfort of the smaller, lightweight parlor-sized body to the "open sound" of the natural woods and the relatively thin, easy-playing neck. Nikki also talks about her admiration for its warmer, bigger sound and how the Gibson Player Port™ acts like a "built-in monitor" that lets everything she plays come right back at her and allows her to hear all the nuances of every touch of the strings.

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